Phatos D’angelo 2

Phatos D’angelo 2

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Mechanism entirely in steel with Ermes mechanism and side line release, double roller mechanism derived from the patented system for our mechanisms, it will be necessary to cut a couple of mm where there is the line release, very easy to do being plastic.

Mechanism with patented system, operation with two rollers, one works in contact with the trigger and is constrained to the coupling lever, the second roller in contact with the shaft is constrained to the box with a pin and is free to move in an oval hole , this system stabilizes the shaft at the moment of firing, the load is evenly distributed decreasing and practically eliminating friction.

The line release interacts with the coupling lever of the rod with a system that all manufacturers have now recognized as the best system, and adopted worldwide. We are the inventors of this innovation, just as we were the first to adopt rotation fulcrums suitable for decreasing the weight of the shot.

The movement takes advantage of the original compression spring.

The box is copied from the original, follows its curves, to make it we had to build a special folding knife and is made from a sheet of 1.5 mm thick sheet, the components are cut with EDM technology with millesimal precision, the holes are then reworked with centesimal reamers, to ensure perfect rotation, the thicknesses used are 6.2 mm for the coupling lever, and 6 mm for the trigger.

Tested with 250 kg load. All the components are made of AISI 316L stainless steel with the exclusion of the roller for hooking the shaft in 17-4