Ermes is an artisan company born in Southern Italy, dedicated to the design and construction of spearfishing accessories such as trigger mechanisms, reels, knives, tube spearguns . All our products are designed in house, with an obsessive attention to design and functionality, so many ideas we have developed in about 20 years of activity, many are the innovations brought by our projects. All products intended for the best professional spearfishing equipment manufacturers and have Mario Patruno  signature .

Many of our products have been designed listening to the advice of end users, we are ready to confront our customers and also listen to the individual user’s needs.
We are proud to be the point of reference for the numerous small and medium-sized companies in the sector, contributing to their success.


 We offer consulting and design services, and possible construction of the finished product, all with the best materials, AISI 316 stainless steel, Titanium, Super Alloys, various types of plastics, Pom, Arnite, Nylon, etc. with different technologies depending on the intended use, MIM, EDM cutting, laser cutting and welding, CNC machining, plastic injections, everything is possible only ask us, we will find the right solution for you.


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