We produce two models of reels for spearfishing, vertical and horizontal, some models are entirely CNC produced and using the best materials, Nylon reinforced with fiberglass, Pom C, aisi 316 stainless steel, and for the flat metal parts, steel and on request Titanium . The clutch for all models is of the snap type with ball operation, the advantage is that you can dose the force, in such a way as to tire the fish.

The winding knob for the horizontal reels is removable and can be mounted on the right and left, in the vertical reels the winding handle can be extracted in 3 different positions and the operation is sphere type.

The horizontal models include the small Sula reel, and the larger Albatros reel, the vertical models range from the small colibri reel to the larger Leonardo reel, passing through the Falco models.

The Leonardo reel models have an automatic wire rewinding system, a very convenient function that allows you to wind the wire quickly and neatly.