.Derived from the Back Mechanism, it differs only by a plate welded on the front of the roof of the box, this allows you to have the 3 fixing points in line on the same plane, the advantage is to be able to have a greater quantity of wood, in the point of greatest stress , and therefore a greater robustness of the rifle.

.Mechanism with patented system, operation with two rollers, one works in contact with the trigger and is constrained to the coupling lever, the second roller in contact with the shaft is constrained to the box with a pin and is free to move in an oval hole , this system stabilizes the shaft at the moment of firing, the load is evenly distributed decreasing and practically eliminating friction.

.The line release  interacts with the coupling lever of the shaft with a system that all manufacturers have now recognized as the best system, and adopted worldwide. We are the inventors of this innovation, just as we were the first to adopt rotation fulcrums suitable for decreasing the weight of the shot.

.Nothing has been left to chance, a well calibrated torsion spring, assists the movement of the trigger with a feeling of extreme sweetness at the moment of the shot.

.The box is of a unique simplicity and elegance, it is printed from a sheet of 2 mm thick sheet with centesimal precision, we have abandoned laser cutting as we do not consider it suitable for our mechanisms.

.The component are molded in injection with 3D technology, this allows us to have absolute centesimal precision in the components.

.The assembly was also taken care of in the design, simple but elegant at the same time, inserting the shaft for the rearmament of the mechanism you will be amazed at the sweetness of the engagement and with a little simple pressure ... click, and everything moves harmoniously, the mechanism is rearmed !!!

.For large productions we can supply a steel safety device inside the mechanism itself.

.Tested with 450 kg load. All components are in AISI 316L stainless steel with the exclusion of the roller for hooking the rod in 17-4 ph.

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